Bizavend, Fast, Secure and Easy Municipal Vending

Main Features of the AVM

Touch Card 

The key to the system is reliable customer identification. This is done through the use of the contactless Bizavend Touchcard, which provides 100% reading reliability and has an expected life in excess of 10 years. We offer customisation of the back of these cards to municipalities.

Magnetic Stripe Cards 

The Bizavend AVM can also accept the older magnetic strip cards. Support equipment can be provided to the municipality to facilitate the transfer of magnetic strip card data to the Bizavend Touchcard.

Bizavend AVM Configurations 

The Bizavend AVM comes in four different configurations depending on the nature of what is being vended:

1. High speed, high volume pre-paid electricity vending - using the Bizavend touchcard

2. Support for the magnetic stripe cards - using touchcard and magnetic stripe card

3. High volume pre-paid electricity with accounts payment and other services – using touchcard and keyboard user interface

4. Bizavend AVM with all three user interface options

The Bizavend Cash Management System 

The Bizavend Cash Management System has been designed to monitor and thereby provide control over all the AVM intelligent cashboxes. The system tracks the cashbox from the moment it is removed from the AVM until it reaches the bank / cash collection facility. Once at the bank / cash collection facility, the cash is removed, counted and then the box has to be electronically cleared before it can be used in another AVM.

This system provides the Municipality with a window into the status of all cash collection through the ability to track all cashboxes. This system ensures that the entire cash collection process can be tracked and audited thereby ensuring that no theft, internal or external, can take place without being uncovered.

Bizavend Support Equipment 

The Bizavend Touchcard programmer is used to program Touchcards with meter numbers. This device can also facilitate the transfer of magnetic stripe card data on to the contactless card. This device is battery operated and can be used in the field or in remote locations, allowing for easy deployment of Touchcards. The Bizavend Touchcard Point of Sale Reader is designed to allow the use of a Bizavend Touchcard with an existing vending point.

Bizavend Information Technology Server 

The system hardware is based on several DELL server processors and software that runs on Microsoft Server and SQL platforms. All the data collected and transactions processed in the field by AVMs is received, stored and switched by this server, making the data available for use, as well as communicating with all other accounting and service delivery servers in real-time.