Bizavend, Fast, Secure and Easy Municipal Vending

Why use an AVM?

There are several benefits to using a Bizavend AVM:

The Bizavend AVM is easy to use with a transaction being completed in as little as 3 simple steps. There is no need for customer literacy as the AVM customer user interface is pictorial based and intuitive.

Transaction times have been optimised through the use of a simple user interface and advanced server networking to ensure that large queues of customers are served quickly and efficiently. Transaction times are in general less than 10 seconds.

Several financial models are available to the municipality for the use of AVM’s, either through the outright purchase, rental or Joint Venture. Consequently and through the correct siting of an AVM, the COST of the AVM vending solution will always be less than that of third party vending.

Bizavend AVM’s offer the municipality a 7 days a week, 24 hours a day vending solution that is not subject to any staffing issues. Customers can be guaranteed that a vending point is available to them at all times.

Through over 17 years of experience, the AVM has been developed to withstand high levels of vandalism. Cash has never been stolen successfully from an AVM.

Deployment of an AVM can be done anywhere and in any environment or community. There are no restrictions or limitations on the location of a machine. This is NOT the case when using a manned vending system which requires existing infrastructure.

An AVM represents a PERMANENT Point of Sale for the community which is owned and controlled directly by the municipality. Money cannot go missing through “internal” theft and the machine will always be at that location and OPEN for business.

Through the use of remote monitoring, the operational staff responsible for first line maintenance can remotely monitor the machines using their existing cell phones and/or on-line devices such as a PC or a tablet (iPad’s or similar).